Vending Machines Aren’t Just for Snacks Anymore

When you think of vending machines, you probably picture small bags of chips, cookies and soda. But there are so many more possibilities. And some businesses are starting to capitalize off those opportunities.

Non Food Vending Machines

Take Uniqlo, for example. The company sells down jackets out of vending machines mainly in airports. Best Buy also has placed vending machines in airports, selling Beats headphones among other tech gadgets. And Sephora sells mascara and other beauty products out of similar machines.

What all of these examples have in common is that they offer a product people might need quickly. And they offer it in a place where people who need such products are likely to be. Travelers sometimes don’t plan for the weather or forget to pack things like headphones and mascara, so these solutions really work for the venue.

Other examples could be offering sunglasses and hats at amusement parks or outdoor events, ties and small accessories at business conference centers, and toiletry items at hotels. Basically, you can offer anything out of a vending machine as long as there’s a market and a location that makes sense. And using this type of setup can help your customers save time and your business save money.

Vending Machine Photo via Shutterstock

This article, “Vending Machines Aren’t Just for Snacks Anymore” was first published on Small Business Trends

Vending Machines Aren’t Just for Snacks Anymore


Author: Juan G Brown

I love to crunch numbers, but I also love camping, walking & hiking in nature, and playing sports. And meditation is the foundation of my life.

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