Elavon Creates New Mobile Ready eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses

Elavon Converge is a New Mobile Ready eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses

A leading payments provider Elavon has introduced two digital commerce tools (Converge Digital Commerce with 3dcart and Online Ordering with talech) set to help small businesses such as local restaurants and clothing boutiques to meet the growing consumer shift to online channels.

The Atlanta-based company has teamed up with a leading shopping cart software provider 3dcart to offer an online storefront to businesses that seek to reinvent or create an online shopping experience.

While more than 50 percent of Americans shop online at least once a month, the reality is that most small to medium sized businesses encounter more than 50 percent abandonment rate due to poor online shopping experience.

Elavon Converge

Elavon’s Converge Digital Commerce is, however, looking all set to address these challenges. “We partnered with leading shopping cart software provider, 3dcart, to deliver a cost-effective way to help SMBs get a dynamic, customer-friendly website up and running quickly so that they capture more online revenue,” head of Global Product and Innovation at Elavon Wally Mlynarski told the Small Business Trends. “With more than 100 customizable, mobile-ready store themes and an intuitive dashboard with built-in marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as merchandise shipping and return updates, SMBs find Converge Digital Commerce a good option to create or reinvent their online shopping experience.”

To enhance the customer experience further, the payments provider has added an online ordering option to its point-of-sale system. Designed specifically for SMBs, talech is a turnkey tablet-based point-of-sale solution that transforms a compatible tablet (iPad) into a modern-day cash register and a powerful business-management solution which helps customers run, manage, and grow their business.

The solution is especially ideal for local restaurant owners looking for new ways to increase revenue without causing customer frustration. Talech allows customers to easily order online and pay ahead of time and they can receive automatic updates when the order is accepted, prepared, and ready. For optimal efficiency, wait staff can submit orders by course directly to the kitchen. The platform also allows you to start an order on one iPad and close it on another.

Overall, both Converge Digital Commerce and talech enable small businesses to effectively run, manage and grow their business by being simple and intuitive as well as by placing data-driven insights right at their fingertips.

Image: Elavon

This article, “Elavon Creates New Mobile Ready eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses” was first published on Small Business Trends

Elavon Creates New Mobile Ready eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses


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