One in 5 Facebook Videos is Live

Latest Facebook Live Stats Reveal One in 5 Facebook Videos is Live

Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) bet on live streaming is beginning to pay off.

One-fifth of the videos shared on the site are now Live videos.

The insight was shared by Facebook’s head of video, Fidji Simo, in a Facebook post recently.

Facebook Live Stats Demonstrate Growth

It has been a year since Facebook made it possible for all its users to broadcast live. And within this period, the daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has grown by more than four-times.

That’s quite an achievement considering Facebook has comfronted serious competition on this front. Twitter, for example, made a big push into video when it acquired livestreaming app Periscope.

But it was Facebook that ultimately managed to reach the youth demographic with exciting live streaming features.

“We’ve added live masks and new creative effects, built features that give publishers more control and flexibility over their broadcasts, and rolled out exciting new formats like Live 360 or Live Audio,” wrote Simo.

How to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Facebook Live’s growing popularity, especially among younger users, makes it a great tool for small businesses. What’s important for businesses is to understand how best they can use it to engage their audience.

By making this tool part of your digital marketing strategy, it is possible to leverage a sizable social media community. But before you get started, acquaint yourself with the tool and understand how its features can benefit you.

Once you have a thorough understanding, you can explore different ways in which you can use it to market your business. Whether it’s promoting an upcoming event or teasing a new product, Facebook Live can make a real difference.

Image: Facebook

This article, “One in 5 Facebook Videos is Live” was first published on Small Business Trends

One in 5 Facebook Videos is Live


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