Apple Clips is a New Video Editing App for Mobile Marketers

New Apple Clips App is a New Video Editing Tool for Mobile Marketers

Small businesses that create and share videos on iPhones now have a new editing option. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced a new app called Clips that offers some simple editing features for videos and photos.

Clips App Features

Some of the features include the ability to capture video, add filters, rearrange clips, add text and even a voice-to-text transcript option. It has some similarities to social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. But Clips doesn’t give users a specific outlet to actually share their creations. Instead, you’ll simply have the option to upload your videos to existing social platforms or video sites, or even share them with specific people via text message or email.

Essentially, Clips gives businesses and individuals an option for making videos that are a bit more polished than the basic shots you might share on something like Instagram Stories. It still has a similar feel, with the ability to add fun filters and other elements. But since you can add music and string clips together, it allows you to have a little more control over how your finished product gets viewed.

It’s likely not something that businesses are going to use for official promotional videos or ads. It’s not quite as fully featured as tools like iMovie. But as more consumers, especially young people, start following brands on platforms like Snapchat where they can get unique, behind-the-scenes type content, it makes sense for brands to have a way to edit videos and clips so they can create unique mobile content their online audiences will love.

Since Apple currently has no plans to make Clips into its own social network, it seems like it will simply serve as a supplemental tool for brands that share video content on social media, rather than a direct competitor of those platforms. The app is currently free to download on iOS.

Image: Apple

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Apple Clips is a New Video Editing App for Mobile Marketers


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